The Importance of Blackjack Dealer

There is something special and sort of magic in a casino at a blackjack table: it is impossible to compare this feeling with anything else and every word of the blackjack dealer sounds like a challenge. Indeed, the questions like that are impossible to ignore and if one needs a card or anything else, he or she has to react some way. Blackjack is the game of chance but it is also the game of action: no one may just sit at the table and do nothing – the game must go on.

In case of a live casino, a live blackjack dealer is the only person that every player has a chance to contact about the game, but this contact is limited by the game only, the rest of players are not obliged to keep talking or commenting or sharing anything; moreover, their own play has nothing in common with one’s own. But that is not entirely so: everyone, who is at the table at the same time is involved as all the people are sharing the same set of card decks and thus all of them are sharing the same chances, virtually.

Any live blackjack casino playing is an interesting show, some people come and see for hours because only here it is possible to watch someone trying to count cards. It seems that even if they issued a law, prohibiting card counting, even then nobody could stop people counting or memorizing the cards shown on the table. On one hand, it is in the human nature to memorize anything one sees, and, on the other, the game looks like a flow of cards appearing on the table. All these facts are pushing common people to count cards or do anything else with what they can see while playing blackjack.