Advantages and Disadvantages of Blackjack Counting

The well-known stories about successful blackjack counting are just stories and, no doubt, they are history, whereas the real-life brings in some corrections in use of anything that may help any gambler in his or her doings. The basic strategy, as well as card counting, is the least necessary part of anybody’s blackjack gambling inventory, but even if that particular player knows perfectly well how to use those tools, it does not guarantee the success in each and every game he or she is in. The most important part belongs to the gambling environment and the ability of a player to find out as much as possible from it.

The gambling environment cannot help winning, but it may provide enough info to minimize one’s risks and thus to win in the long run. For example, no one blackjack player may touch or use all cards on the table, there is even no need to use all cards they have in a shuffling machine for that. Instead, the player may rely on what he or she may see at the table, i.e. playing cards appearing at the table. Using this information is not prohibited, as it is a part of the game, while explicit blackjack counting cards conduct may cause some reaction from the house side. This is the key contradiction: it is a part of the game, but no one may use for his or her own benefit unless it is possible to hide this part of one’s skills.