Have you ever played live blackjack at a casino?

Those who have will know how exciting it can be to sit down in front of a dealer. And who can say no to the selection of delicious free drinks? However, you may also know that this is not a perfect way to play. In fact, many professionals only play live blackjack online and never even plan to set foot at a land-based casino.

Not surprisingly, for a beginner, it’s even worse.

The games are way too fast. Not to mention that even $500 at a casino is a rather small bankroll. Partly because the excitement of playing live often takes over and impedes on your ability to play a perfect game.

Online, however, this changes dramatically. You can play with strategy cheat sheets if you want. If the action is too fast, you can skip every other hand.

Your game, your rules.

While the issue of the bankroll – $500 makes you almost a high-roller.

And hey, if you really want a free drink, we bet there is some beer in the fridge.

Keep in mind, we are not saying you will automatically win online. But if you know how to play live blackjack, your chances of success are much higher online than at a brick and mortar casino.